Blogging on hold for now…..

4th August, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

Due to my clients’ needs, I have not been able to keep an up to date blog…. That being said, here are some fantastic call center Communities and Forums to refer to: Read More

Self Management - a step toward work at home….

24th June, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

You can’t go home without it.  Self Mangement that is - it’s vital to a successful work at home model.  Some companies choose to use working at home as an incentive for its top talent.  This is a great method for existing call centers that want to benefit from a work at home model.  Some » Read More

When interviewing agents….

18th June, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

It’s important when interviewing agent candidates (and any other employee candidate for that matter) to consider more than just how experienced and polished they are.  Take into consideration whether or not they will like your environment. For example, today I interviewed a lovely woman for a call center position my client has open.  She was on » Read More

Making Vendor and Platform Decisions

4th June, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

So, you need a new phone system.  As with any technology initiative there are a lot to choose from.  The first step  should be to view it as a project and then identify dependencies this one project may have on other projects going on within your company.  Once the dependencies are identified, then prioritize.  Once » Read More

On Vacation….

24th April, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

Thanks for visiting the Customer Service Initiative.  I’ll be on vacation until Monday, May 18th.  Don’t forget to download The Why and How of  Work at Home Call Centers.  Feel free to send a message or leave a voicemail (contact info under the contact tab).  I’ll be checking messages and responding periodically. Have fun doing the » Read More

The Why and How of Work at Home Call Centers

15th April, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

The whitepaper I promised is complete and posted for download on my Whitepaper page.  I’m really excited about evangelizing this call center model.  Now is the time to choose a solution that cuts costs while improving service.  The paper is vendor agnostic and is meant to educate executives and their management team on what pieces » Read More

Educate your customers about your superior service

8th April, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

True story - two different families.   Both families own a high end gas grill.  Both families have components that are wearing out.  Family one goes out and buys a new grill.  Family two calls the grill company and finds out that the components have a 15 year warranty.  Therefore, family two receives replacement components for » Read More

Teaching your Agents to do the Right Thing

26th March, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

A critical piece in doing the right thing for your customers is teaching your agents how.  Strict policies and guidelines are not the way.  Empowerment is the way.  Allow your agents to make decisions - in fact insist they make their own decisions and deter them from escalating phone calls to their supervisor. Prescribe a general » Read More

Communicating Project Progress

18th March, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

It’s been said a million times - Keep your users and agents in the loop on project progress and changes to business processes as you go along.  Still, I am surprised by how infrequently this happens. If you don’t have user buy in, you risk project failure in many ways.  End User acceptance is key to » Read More

To Differentiate by Customer Service, Customer Service has to be represented at the Top

10th March, 2009 - Posted by Pam - No Comments

If you want to differentiate your company through World Class Customer Service - Your customers must be represented at the top most level in your organization.  Why?  Because anything less than a Vice President of Customer Service or Chief Customer Officer represents the Whisper Down the Alley Syndrome.  Another suggestion - add a Valued Customer » Read More

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